GTA San Andreas Supply Lines

Read the 'Alternate Strategy' first and then if you're still stuck, read my old way to do this mission below:

Alternate Strategy by Deadly Samurai:
Originally copied from on Jan. 25, 2005.
As of Dec, 2011, the site has been dead for some time. I'm sorry I didn't copy the whole site.
(original thanks to Chase Ansok)

The way I beat this mission with fuel to spare is to take off, cut left, and just shoot the van until the driver gets out. Don't kill him yet! Next, go left again to shoot the biker to make him get off the bike. Don't kill him either! Both of these guys will chase after you, so go west now and blow up the van. I find getting right up in front of him works best.

Now wait. You do not burn fuel while idle, so position the plane on the street accordingly and just wait. The first two guys will come after you, and shoot them down as they appear on the street. You should still have a 95% full fuel tank at this point simply by being patient. This should be more than enough to go north after the last two guys and get back to Zero's roof. I got back with about a quarter tank of fuel left.

You still need to position yourself correctly to kill the last two guys, but if you follow this strategy the pressure is off, and you won't be as frustrated even if you fail because one of the couriers kills you because this strategy is nearly foolproof.

Joe's old way:
Nov. 29, 2004. Finally got through GTA San Andreas Supply Lines mission!!
I've read that it's the hardest mission in the game - if so great, because I beat it!
I really could have used a more detailed guide like this one, so if you are stuck I hope this will help you.

I think it took me about 40 or so attempts. The first 25 or so, I was still getting the feel of controlling the little RC plane. It's very difficult to control, and after taking damage from gunfire or crashing into poles, seems to become much worse.

After I read some online walkthrough descriptions, (couldn't believe there's no place to refuel!) I tried a few different things.
1. Early on, I found that driving around on the ground gave me much more control, especially the tight cornering radius seemed helpful (Using the rudder [R2 and L2] to steer). But doing the whole mission this way was too slow and the fuel ends up burning up just as fast as flying.
2. One forum suggestion said to sit on a building top and wait for the couriers to come closer. The fuel stops decreasing while the plane is parked (when the self-destruct message appears, you've stopped using any fuel). I tried this a few times and waited quite a while; once one came much closer to me but by the time I got him, I still ran out of fuel and most of the time they stayed in their same neighborhoods (downtown), so I finally gave up on this strategy.
3. One forum writer said it's all about the route, but he didn't give the actual route...
Finally in the end I got good enough to hunt down the couriers without taking serious damage and still have enough fuel to barely coast back onto Zero's rooftop.

My strategy -
1. Hit the gas - pull up to the left and as soon as you start nosing down, fire across the van to get the courier out; keep aiming towards the front of the van and try to take out the courier. Sometimes I was able to take him out without needing to turn or land - that's the strategy - take him out while still on the initial descent and turn left and then right down the street towards the next courier on the bike.
2. Fly low and level shooting him with enough space / time to rudder slightly right and left, strafing him and taking him out before he can get any shots off at the plane. He usually jumps off his bike to his left and eventually I was able to hit him before he hit me.
3. Swing to the right through the intersection and pull up, above rooftop level. Cross over the clothing store and aim the plane to the right of the third courier. Swing down to street level and land behind the courier's van and pull up right behind him or next to the van's rear tire. Blast him and make sure he catches on fire. I had to do this many times because as soon as you shoot, he pulls away at top speed and it's a big waste of fuel to hunt him down. So make sure you are in good position to fill him with plenty of bullets before he can get out of your sights. (for example, a good position is right next to the back tire but pointing forward so that without moving, you'll still be shooting him even though he's flooring it!) Once the van catches on fire, accelerate up and to the left (North/ East) towards the remaining 2 couriers.
4. Fly up over the tunnel or ball field and towards downtown. Once you get up to an older-looking tall tower, start descending and cutting to the left. This was about the halfway point of my fuel on the mission when I finally succeeded. Using the map, try to land immediately behind the courier on the motorbike. Blasting him from high in the sky resulted in too much return fire and my plane was destroyed this way a few times. If you can get right behind or next to him when he's stopped at an intersection, that's the best bet. Once your close and in good position, let him have it until the bike catches on fire, then fly up and towards the East while he explodes. Seek out the last courier on the map and head towards it.
5. The last courier jumps out of his van after it catches on fire. Again my strategy was to get right behind the van and let him have it. If you start shooting from the driver's side, the courier should jump out right into the path of your gunfire. Make sure he's dead and then take off towards the yellow blip on the map (South / West). Fly high and fast and land on the roof with the orange ring. One time I came within sight of the ring but then ran out of fuel before I made it. It took me about three more tries after that to actually make it back safely. The $5000 reward comes in handy, maybe towards some new property. One more (much easier!) mission and Zero's shop produces up to $5000 per day.

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